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2. What is the Butterfly Effect Webinar?

What is the Butterfly Effect Webinar?

During the Butterfly Effect workshop, you'll use one of the #1 tools in Functional Medicine to learn where you need to step up for yourself to become a true partner in your own healthcare. Let's take flight together:

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3. 蝶超能力 〜the butterfly effect〜

  • Published: 2013-09-18T19:03:24Z
  • By Nyxus
蝶超能力 〜the butterfly effect〜

Not really glitch hop, but a lot of people like to bitch about genre tags like "110" and "100 bpm" so we'll just go with a conventional one. wtf Nick that's not even a real reason Just to explain the name (I might start adding this in descriptions), the melody made me think of a butterfly fluttering around, so I went with that theme. The one "drop" didn't fit just a butterfly, though, so that's where I came up with the Japanese pun name -- "chou chou nouryoku," a pun of "chou-chou" (butterfly) and "chounouryoku" (psychic abilities, more or less). The pun doesn't work in English, though, so I went with "the butterfly effect": the intro is the butterfly fluttering around, and then it causes a tornado or a hurricane (the drop), and then we go back to the butterfly because I liked the melody more than the drop. The screechy synth in the drop is definitely not a reference to "Scream of the Butterfly". Nope. yeah okay shut up Nick

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4. Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect is the first track on the Quantum Vistas album. The butterfly is a huge victorian machine that keeps our multiverse in check preventing different realities from merging and crossing. Based on a real life experience.

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5. 11 - The Marshall Report - Episode 11

11 - The Marshall Report - Episode 11

Today is Thursday March 17, 2016. This is the 11th episode of the Marshall Report. In this episode: 1. What my mailman told me about the LRT 2. Birdwatching 3. Gourmet, high-tech hamburgers 4. The butterfly effect 5. The similarities with dogs, cheeses, people and neighbourhoods 6. Life without the internet 7. Foreign Money and Canadian real estate 8. An assignment problem in Vancouver real estate 9. Second chances 10. Charades

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6. PDSMiOS Ep 64: Hot Tub Time Machine

PDSMiOS Ep 64: Hot Tub Time Machine

This week, we got down to our skivvies and hopped into the boiling water of Hot Tub Time Machine from 2010! Our first REAL comedy, this episode has shown that sometimes the most sci-fi you can mine from movies like this are references to other movies. If anything, it reaffirmed our love for Crispin Glover. email: [email protected] facebook: twitter: Show notes: • Dog suit in the Shining - • He-man (tis the season) - • Scott Cherry - • Crispin Glover, star of Back to the Future - • Skiing - • Joel was thinking of Bill Duke, who is not related to Clark Duke as far as we know - • Some good examples of the blonde bully stereotype in the 80s - • Sweater on shoulder - • Snap jump suits • Second Life - • New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle - • Animotion: Obsession - • Men without Hats: Safety Dance - • INSX: What You Need - • David Bowie: Modern Love - • Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love is - • Echo and the Bunnymen: Bring on the Dancing Horses - • Cutting Crew: (I just) Died in Your Arms - • Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime - • The Way Way Back - • Dude, Where’s My Car - • Donkey Lips - • We Hate Movies episode on The Butterfly Effect - • Hot Tube Time Machine Football Squirrel scene (NSFW) - • Lizzy Caplan - • Cell (2016) - • Paperboy (2012) - • Paperboy - • Love and Mercy (2015) - • Kid n Play - • Kid from Hey Arnold! - • What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - • The World’s End (2013) - • Dot Matrix Printer - • Radiohead on floppy disk drives - • WAV Donation link - ,

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