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1. Shot Caller (Mixtape) Lyrics

Shot Caller (Mixtape) Lyrics

[Hook - Charlie Rock] Shorty got potential I could be her sponsor Met her back stage at a summer jam concert Hair like Rihanna shoe game was awesome Could tell by her aura she want a shot caller

2. Soul Food Lyrics

Soul Food Lyrics

[Intro - Al Green] I'm gonna be good to you I'm gonna be good to you I'm gonna be good to you I'm gonna be good to you If I gave you my love I'm telling you what I do You got to be good to me

3. Coke Boyz Lyrics

Coke Boyz Lyrics

[Intro] Closing up shop, and locking doors Runnin up lost in someone's room Silence so lighty you go dim Bombs are going off inside your chest If it feels like the end [Bridge] Coke boy, Mont

4. Made It Lyrics

Made It Lyrics

(Ft. Rick Ross & Masspike Miles) I embrace the love, we made it! We made it! Yeah! Chorus: Where I came from is no living, So I rose above the bullshit I became the man that you see, Look i

5. All Night Lyrics

All Night Lyrics

Ahaaa All my homiesssssss Macaroniiiii (Aowww) Shorty had me up all night, all night, all night, all night, all night, all night doing it nastyyyy (Macaroniiiiiii) all night, all night, all nig

10. I Think I Luve Her Lyrics

I Think I Luve Her Lyrics

[Chorus] I think I love her (love her, love her, love her, love her) Tryna meet her mutha (mutha, mutha, mutha, mutha) Doggin with no rubber (rubber, rubber, rubber, rubber) Shes a movie, got t

16. Alright Lyrics

Alright Lyrics

Hook: Bout to give my money up, f*ck with me bitches hatin on the low, f*ck with me when you see me, alright alright alright bitches wanna beat me, alright alright alright Alright, alright, alrig

18. Take It Off Lyrics

Take It Off Lyrics

4 o’clock broad day phone is ringing on New nigger fuck .. Fresh .. nigger can’t get on Get that money nigger .. shake it on I am here to take it off Shorty where is at Nigger hold that Fu

19. Coke Boy Money Lyrics

Coke Boy Money Lyrics

feat. Chinx & Zack Kharbouch Produced By: Dolla [Hook] I’m talking Coke Boy money, it’s money you’ve never seen Nigga the drug money, we get it by any means I turned one brick to a thre

20. Everything's A Go Lyrics

Everything's A Go Lyrics

And everything's a go, go, go (yea-yeah) I know you heard 'bout it All that money over there: don't worry 'bout it Hundreds stacked, blow it out for fun Southside, that's where I'm from You can call