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1. Dope D.O.D - The Butterfly Effect

  • Published: 2014-03-06T09:51:55Z
  • By Dope DOD
Dope D.O.D - The Butterfly Effect

#DaRoach Produced by: Nightwatch

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2. Eyes Down

Eyes Down

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  • Published: 2015-08-08T04:39:42Z

A story of how two people going through there own struggles can come together and sort there lives out!

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8. MAXX - The Butterfly Effect #1 (Vinyl DJ Set)06/08/2014

MAXX - The Butterfly Effect #1 (Vinyl DJ Set)06/08/2014

Tracklist 1. RUN-D.M.C. vs JASON NEVINS – It’s Like That [Sm:)e 9065-0] 2. 3PHASE Feat. DR MOTTE – Der Klang Der Famillie [Tresor 6] 3. LAURENT GARNIER – Crispy Bacon [F Communications 55] 4. JOEY BELTRAM – Energy Flash (GRAFFITY ON MARS rmx) [S12DJ-61] 5. GREEN VELVET – Flash (TIMO MAAS Dirty Dub) [F-111 Records] 6. DAVE CLARKE – The Compass [Skint 73] 7. VITALIC – La Rock [Different 1062 T] 8. UNKNOWN – Night Of The Jaguar [P Series 44] 9. DK8 – Murder Was The Bass (Reworked) [DK Records 8] 10. RENATO COHEN – Pontape’ [Intec 17] 11. UMEK – Brotax [Potential 11] 12. FATBOY SLIM – Star 69 [Skint 64XP] 13. DAVE CLARKE – Thunder ‘Red’ 3 [BSL 7] 14. CL aka CHRIS LIEBING & ANDRE’ WALTER– Neg [Molecular 18] 15. GAETEK – Untitled [Tortured –Pain 23] 16. MICHAEL BURKAT – Analogue Architect [Audio 34] 17. MAXX - Party On! [Polymeric 1] 18. THE ADVENT & INDUSTRIALYZER – Country Fox [Kombination Research 27] You can find my old sets here, free download!

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9. Consequences (Overwatch Launch EP)

  • Published: 2017-02-11T18:32:43Z
  • By Aversion
Consequences (Overwatch Launch EP)

Even doin' Nothing has its C. O. N. S. E. Q. U. E. N. C. E. S. ... DOWNLOAD:

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10. "The A-Team" - Cover by The butterfly effect

This is a tryout on the great Ed Sheeran song "The A-Team".

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11. Goodbye my Lover - Cover by The Butterfly Effect

Goodbye my Lover - Cover by The Butterfly Effect

A Cover Version of this emotional and beautiful James Blunt song.

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12. Renegade DJ vs DJ Svess :: The Butterfly Effect :: May 15

Renegade DJ vs DJ Svess :: The Butterfly Effect :: May 15

Back to back set with my sista @DJ-Svess Recorded at The Butterfly Effect on Sunday 24/05/15 Picture by AElisePhotographyUK

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13. The Butterfly Effect by Praveen Jay & Manesh A Mendez

The Butterfly Effect by Praveen Jay & Manesh A Mendez

"The Butterfly Effect" Here's something special peeps... For the First time Praveen Jay & Manesh Mendez team up for an Exclusive mix tape. We decided to take you on a Ride this time.. Something different and something you gotta feel from deep inside.. you gotta have it in you.. Let the soul tripping vibes of pure Techno awaken your Soul. Praveen Jay's Birthday is coming up so here's the Birthday treat... Only for those who can handle it! Enjoy and Fly High "like a butterfly" Big Love peeps :) Praveen Jay & Manesh A Mendez

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14. Caçadora - The Butterfly Effect

Caçadora - The Butterfly Effect

Some groovy tunes with a sweet bass backdrop to open the night of dance for the spring equinox full moon gathering. Let me know what you think, comments always appreciated! art by Brook Paulin of Materia Media more of my mixes here: Tracklist Uno Resuena (Desert Dwellers Remix) :: Lulacruza Dusk to Dawn (Frameworks Remix) :: emancipator Born Again (Cycle Mix) :: Domez M. Intravenous (LabRat Remix) :: The OriGinALz 333 266 :: AMB Glided Tour :: AMB Barrel of Belief :: AMB One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix) :: Kaya Project Solace :: beatfarmer Spirit from the Dreamtime (Drumspyder Remix) :: Desert Dwellers Diamond :: emancipator Like the Wind (feat. Deuce Eclipse) :: DJ Vadim Transcend :: Perkulat0r Koto :: CloZee Dream Atlas (CloZee Remix) :: Of the Trees Happiness Is :: beatfarmer Downtown :: Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience Saturn ft. The Human Experience :: Saqi Drakones Indikoi :: Rhythmstar feat. Rama The Way (Tor Remix) :: emancipator

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17. DEMO - Havoc In Hogwarts (The Butterfly Effect Remix)

DEMO - Havoc In Hogwarts (The Butterfly Effect Remix)

DEMO - Havoc In Hogwarts (The Butterfly Effect Remix)

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18. The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

"The Butterfly Effect" is the first single from our forth coming E.P with guest vocals by Andy Cannon from The Recovery!

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19. CTM044 - The Butterfly Effect

CTM044 - The Butterfly Effect

For licensing, please contact: [email protected] THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (CTM044) Composed by Gabriel Saban and Philippe Briand. "The Butterfly Effect is a grand ethereal orchestral album, with dreamy textures, mesmerizing themes and emotional, evocative pulsating pads. This beautiful and atmospheric album is the perfect underscore for any scene needing that awe-inspiring emotive melodic tension" 01. 00:00 - Geometry of the Future 02. 00:32 - Overlapping Worlds 03. 01:01 - Maze of Infinity 04. 01:44 - Cosmogony 05. 02:18 - Threads of Life 06. 02:52 - Secrets of the Universe 07. 03:23 - Timestream 08. 03:56 - Multiverse Core 09. 04:26 - Humans 10. 04:58 - Space Borders 11. 05:22 - The Sixth Element 12. 05:52 - The Butterfly Effect 13. 06:25 - Equation of Life 14. 06:54 - The Unknown Paradox 15. 07:33 - Quantum Collapse Album Cover Art by Ryo Ishido-Brighton. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: © 2017 All rights reserved. Colossal Trailer Music is a registered trademark of SPM Music Group, LLC.

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20. 21 - The Butterfly Effect (Feat. Adrian)

  • Published: 2011-11-26T14:26:08Z
  • By adventum
21 - The Butterfly Effect (Feat. Adrian)

The album has been in production since 2009. Songs from the album were revealed and released from 2009 to 2011. Music videos were created for the songs "Too Much", "Hand On Your Gun", "Terrorist?", "Something Wonderful", "Obama Nation", "Cradle of Civilization", "Blood, Sweat and Tears", "My Soul", "Obama Nation Pt. 2" and "Million Man March". While discussing the name of the album to BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Charlie Sloth, Lowkey said: "It comes from my position in the game is as an artist, trying to do my thing independently. It is a struggle - it's not easy. We have barriers placed in front of us at every single level. And so we have to fight for everything we get. As an artist I've never had anything put on a plate for me. I've had to struggle to put my music out there." And also added that; "it's about the widest struggle that I am part of, which what I feel is to wake people up to the humanity of people that we are sort of encouraged to ignore every day." On the subject of the album, Lowkey commented that: "The album has just got a lot of heartfelt music that is really and truly an expression of me. Say I died tomorrow, I want this album to be the last thing I say to the world and I want people to remember it and to recognize it as me. No one else." Later on he added "This album might change how people see the music industry and how its been destroyed, please wake up." Track 8 off the album, "Dreamers", premiered on BBC Radio 1Xtra on 24 September 2011. Lowkey described the meaning of the song: "The track is about people with mental illness. Because I've known people that have issues with mental illnesses and is quite common. Like I say at the beginning there is people that see things that aren't there, and ask why not. Because they see further than a lot of people that are perceived as normal." Track 22, "Obama Nation (Pt. 2)" samples a lyric from the political hip hop song "Words I Never Said" by Lupe Fiasco, which Lowkey got permission to use via the social networking and microblogging service Twitter by Lupe

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